Reviews and comments from our clients.



Please don't just take our word for it. Here are the thoughts of some of our clients on the service provided at Tudor Franklin.


Exceeded our expectations.

Steve and Anthea, aged 68 and 69


"We had a number of meetings over a couple of months during which Bharat thoroughly investigated our finances and our aims and plans and assessed our attitude to risk. We had, as a basic, aim to minimise IHT so that our children would not have a huge tax bill to pay on our demise. We were surprised at how in depth this review was and no detail escaped his attention over a period of months. Finally he recommended a Discretionary Gift Trust in favour of our children, and this was drawn up and invested. Obviously the earlier you start one the better! We consider that his approach has always been absolutely straight, with no pressure whatsover at any stage."

Ian & Kathleen, aged 70 & 71, FROM ROTHLEY


"We are delighted with how Richard has helped us and fostered our trust in him. We are completely confident that he understands us and our approach to risk and investments and will recommend him to others."

Kevin and Liz, aged 70 From Burbage


I now feel more confident about investing and in my future.

Alison, Aged 61


"I have come to rely on Bharat's good, sound advice when it comes to matters of finance, pensions and what is best for me. At the heart of this relationship is the trust I place in him and would recommend his services when it comes to doing the right thing for your own situation."

Barry, aged 62 from leicester


"I don't feel that Richard could have added more value, he has been open and forthright at all stages, happy to answer our questions and explain in detail what can be an extremely complex subject."

Scott and Alison, aged 41 and 40 from leicester


"I was looking for help with investments for long term financial security following a family bereavement. Bharat took his time to explore my particular financial situation, my goals and my baseline understanding of investing. He is always very patient when explaining financial concepts and his recommendations. He has adapted his advice to suit me as my situation has changed with time. He is approachable and friendly, and if I have any queries he always responds promptly. I am happy with the recommendations and service. I now feel more confident about investing and about my future. My pensions have been made more streamlined, which will hopefully serve me better in retirement."

Alison, aged 61 from leicester


"Richard helped us with our retirement decisions and in particular helping me to understand the benefits available through my company pension scheme. His support with this made it an easy decision to continue and take advice regarding how to invest the money that I received as a lump sum. After an initial interview, Richard discussed the options we had and offered his solution in a way that complemented our thoughts. That being said, he did challenge us during this process by picking up on my wife's reluctance regarding risk and spending time educating her in connection with this without disrespecting her views. Once we had agreed possible solutions, he organised a report and presented this in a way that was clear and jargon free. He gave us plenty of time to reflect on the advice and I was impressed at the time he spent checking my wife understood and was comfortable with his suggestions."

Sidney and Joy, aged 57 and 56 from burton on trent


Good, sound advice.

Barry, Aged 62


"We needed advice as we had been left a substantial amount of money from my late mother's will. We were a little nervous but Richard put our minds at ease really quickly as it was clear that he was genuinely interested in us and our views rather than blinding us with science. He explained all about different risks and different investments on a level that made sense to us. We feel he is very honest and professional and he exceeded our expectations."

Steve and Anthea, aged 68 and 69 from hinckley


"Bharat was fantastic: he not only explained the entire mortgage process clearly, thoroughly, and accurately - he also provided invaluable advice and assistance regarding other aspects of the process, such as arranging our life insurance cover, and discussing in depth not just our plans for the immediate future (the imminent house purchase) but also our intentions longer term, and how different approaches to savings and repayments might impact our ongoing lifestyle. He provided continuing advice and support, despite a setback with the survey causing the process to take slightly longer than anticipated, and was extremely considerate in the swiftness of his communication. On a personal level, I found him to be both friendly and extremely professional, with a genuine empathy for the potential quagmire of confusion confronting first-time buyers. To conclude, I would highly recommend his services."

Liz & Jonathan, aged 30 from leicester